Another year, another Moving House story! This time it's twice as long as the other two and delves deep into what 'The House' is. I took slight inspiration from Baba Yaga (and Grimm folklore stories) to have a somewhat sinister twist to the end of this story.

  • Colour cover B/W interior comic pages
  • A5 size (5.8" × 8.3") 
  • Matte cover 
  • Staple bound 
  • 36 pages on 150gsm uncoated paper.
  • First printing: September 2015

    Available at my store
    Digital ebook version at Comixology and Itch-io

I'm a big fan of creating AU's within shows I love. I created a special fanbook based on a series of stories that I collaborate with DS. This book was made in secret as a gift for her birthday in 2015.
The theme of the book is based on our joint work on our "Hellking" scenario.

Taking inspiration of Icelandic landscapes, Roman architecture, Woodkid music videos and occult minimalism I created a series of illustrations and short stories based on a version of Hell and the characters that live in the city of Dis.

The cover itself I wanted to create a very high fashion appearance without illustrations but to convey the style of Hell I want to see. Photos from resources and from my time in Belgium around the Palace of Justice played a big role.
I wanted to show this version of Hell was civilised, that there was order and rich elaborate architecture that has just been left to rot and fall apart.

  • Colour cover with colour interior pages
  • A4 size (8" x 11") 
  • Matte cover 
  • Staple bound 
  • 20 pages on 250gsm uncoated paper.
  • First printing: September 2015

    Since it was a limited event it won't be reprinted again, thank you to those that supported me!

Earlier this year in May I was super lucky to be part of the annual My Famicase exhibition in Tokyo hosted by Meteor!

This was my first time submitting to the exhibition and I really wanted to make a bright and colourful cartridge that I would super want to own in real life!

My piece is called Pastel Powder Keg, based on a girl gang idea I really wanted to do and wanted to bring some personality and tell a story with this illustration!

My main inspiration was from playing Saint's Row with my friend and just creating bright and deadly girls that went around blowing stuff up! I thought of a game where you have to earn money to pay off the mafia, or get enough street cred that you can overtake them.
One of the ideas was to drive around rich people's pets, like tigers and sharks. 

 You also get a large poster that lists every cartridge in the exhibition which is super great!

Thank you to the people who took photos of my cartridge, I lost your details but if you want to be credited please drop me a line!

Another month and another fanbook! It took a few months but I finally finished Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and I was so driven to create another comic because this game really was so enjoyable and fun to play.

Once again I collaborated with comrade-in-arms DS in creating a gag/action comic with a range of mini stories based on the events in the game and our favourite characters. With the game's story based in the 80's I leapt at the chance to create a cover with all my fave aesthetics of 80's culture.

Made it look like the cover of a VHS tape (which I hunted in my garage to find old tape covers) and vaporwave-styled colours with the purple and blue.
Though Venom/Punished Snake is on the cover, a hidden Big Boss is in the back.

The cover was printed on uncoated card, with the VHS texture it really gives a faded and vintage appearance which really adds to the whole style (plus the text was a font based off a lot of 80's cult sci-fi films).

  • Colour exterior/interior cover with B/W interior pages 
  • B5 size (9.8" x 6.9 ") 
  • Uncoated matt cover 
  • Staple bound 
  • 32 pages on 170gsm uncoated paper.
  • First printing: April 2016

    Available for sale at Pekoe Imperia and my store.

Over 3 years to create with a lot of hardships moving to along 4 websites, the printed and collected version of my first webcomic story, The Wastelands: RAHU.

RAHU started back in May 2011, a few weeks before I graduated university and I needed a small project to keep me busy until the term was over. I decided to continue my final major project and expand on the world of this short comic that I made.

RAHU features a nomad who believes that one god has cursed him and wants to find answers. Originally hosted on Smackjeeves (it still is to this day!) it took me over a week to finish one page. Even though I had spent a year overseas studying comics, I had never had so much freedom before.

Later in 2013 I hosted on Manga Magazine and shortly after Inkblazers where 'The Wastelands' grew in popularity. In 2015 Inkblazers shut down and 'The Wastelands' moved and is currently home at Tapastic where it updates weekly and is over a whooping 400 pages!

The artwork in RAHU has been edited and tweaked since it's 2011-2013 release and I'm really happy with the quality of the matte pages and rich colours.

  • Colour exterior cover with full colour interior pages
  • B5 size (9.8" x 6.9")
  • Uncoated matte cover
  • 144 pages on 200gsm uncoated paper.
Available for sale at my store.
Digital ebook versions available at Comixology and itch-io
At the start of 2016 me and buddy in crime DS decided to do a sketch gag fanbook based on Devil May Cry 4 in celebration for the new Special Edition release that we eagerly played to death until our hands fell off. We're both incredibly huge DMC fans and have wanted to collab on a project like this for a long time.

DS did the cover this time, featuring Dante, Vergil, Nero and a hidden Sparda in the back. She did a great job and with a little editing a cover that is powerfully effective and stands out really well with the red-blue tones. Printed on matte paper the reds are really striking and blues are super deep.

The content inside consists of short stories featuring all the characters and scenarios from the game and we give our personal touches with jokes we've been using throughout the years, the response from it has been great and we're happy to create something for fans by fans.

  • Colour exterior/interior cover with B/W interior pages 
  • B5 size (9.8" x 6.9 ") 
  • Matte cover 
  • Staple bound 
  • 28 pages on 200gsm uncoated paper.
  • First printing: Jan 2016

    Available for sale at Pekoe Imperia and my store.

Me and DS really love Devil May Cry and we quickly made a DMC4 fanbook for a limited event back in May 2015. This was a M/M adult artbook with erotic comics featuring the Dante/Credo pairing. Obviously this isn't for anyone aged under 21.

I can't really show the content as there is full on NSFW (thankfully, we like to draw our porn with some plot). These were mainly made as an exchange and it was the quickest we ever produced and published a book in just under 2 months. DS was in charge of the cover and contents while I edited and arranged publication/distribution.

This comic was a pre-order only exclusive and successfully sold out within 2 weeks! We're really thankful to our fans and supporters of the pairing!

  • Colour cover with B/W interior pages 
  • B5 size (9.8" x 6.9 ") 
  • Matte cover 
  • Perfect bound 
  • 56 pages on 200gsm uncoated paper.
  • First printing: May 2015

    Since it was a limited event it won't be reprinted again, thank you to those that supported us!
With the closure of Inkblazers on Feb 1st I thought I better copy/paste the interview I did since it won't be available there anymore.  Mainly involves my work process with my webcomic, The Wastelands, Enjoy!

Rogo: Petitecreme is the artist of our latest Premium title, The WastelandsCheck it out in the Premium Section!

Rogo: What got you started as an artist?
Petitecreme: My mother used to draw and create with me when I was little, and I've always drawn throughout school. I used to read a lot of Beano and Dandy (UK kid comics) too. It became apparent that it was the only thing I was somewhat good at during school. Around then, early 2000, when manga and graphic novels were becoming more available to me, I really liked the idea of being a comic artist, and made the plunge to dedicate myself more to drawing.

R: Can you tell us some of the artists and media that most inspire you?
P: Yasuhiro Nightow (of Trigun/ Gungrave) is my main inspiration. I saw his work when I was 15 and just absolutely loved it, I became obsessed with his work (and still am to this day). I'm also really inspired by Italian artists Juanjo Guarnido (Blacksad) and Alessandro Barbucci (Sky Dolls). My friends also really inspire me, wonderful folk like Naniiebim (Mephistos) and DivineStar (VOCO).
Video games also inspire me greatly, I'm a huge fan of  Hideki Kamiya's direction work (Devil May Cry, Bayonetta) and Naughty Dog's Uncharted series. If I'm not drawing comics, I'm either sleeping or playing videogames. It's a big part of my life.

R: You spent some time studying abroad. Did that influence you artwork or storytelling in any way?
P: Oh totally! The comic scene in UK isn't as large as in Belgium. Where I lived there were 6 comic shops within 10min radius! I was overrun with local comics and bombarded with such treats. I was studying Bande Dessinée, which is the French way of comics. Completely different to how I taught myself how to tell a story in comics from UK comics and manga. I learnt a lot from my strict teachers. It was hard work.

R: As a professional illustrator, you get to work on a lot of different projects. What’s it like having to move from project to project? What do you like/dislike the most about working on these kinds of projects?
P: In honesty, I don't receive a large volume of work because I guess I'm not that well known (I don't think I can even call myself a professional haha). When I do receive projects I do my best to work with the client who has the closest deadline. I enjoy getting varied work, especially if they have a solid idea and work with me throughout the process and we're bouncing ideas back and forth. I love that! I dislike clients who are indecisive and are constantly changing their mind. They're the most destructive when they don't have a solid idea.
Always know what you want when you're hiring an artist, kids. Make sure you have all your information and details to make it easier on us.

Let’s talk about your promoted series, The Wastelands. How long have you been working on this series, and where did you get the idea to create it?

The idea came in 2008 a month after I started college when I was involved in a serious bus crash. That night I had this weird dream about a girl getting off the ruined bus I was in and in a barren wasteland with masked creatures, I woke up instantly and drew everything I remembered.
It was in 2011 that I found the drawings and story from that dream and used it for my final project in university. I enjoyed what I was creating and after the project was finished (which was CH1 Amy + CH2 Giant) I realized I wanted to expand and explore this world I just created.
I then started working on RAHU, where I wanted to make a short story based on the land and a character exploring an empty temple. It was originally going to be a short 30page webcomic that I was drawing to pass time until I would be employed when I graduated. But that never happened, so I continued the story and Rahu became a fan favorite and the 30 page story rocketed to over a 140 pages, crazy!

The Wastelands seems to take a lot of ideas from many different ancient cultures. How much research do you do (if any) for a series like this?
I have a ton of books and references that I use for research. Because I take so many different cultures I have to be really careful to blend them together comfortably. All the gods are loosely based on existing history scripts from ancient cultures when worshipping gods was a daily requirement (such as in Mayan culture). I believe if you really want to create a good fantasy story that relies heavily on a lore, you need to research everything you possibly can.
I break down my research for cultures:
- Tibetan for names/places/language of gods/beliefs and prayers.
- Mongolian/Central Asia for geography
- Mayan/Aztec for elements and designs
I have to research the architecture, the clothing, the tools, the hierarchy, the temples/shrines, the art, everything. It can be really exhausting but I want to create this world that's really fascinating for people to look at and read, and the more I learn, the more ideas that spring into my head and excites me how I want to develop the story more.

The Wastelands seems to have a fairly bleak world view with gods abandoning the people. Why did you choose to write this kind of story?
It's something I've never really read or seen before. There are stories of people who believe in their faith/god and when nothing goes their way they abandon it. But what about if the Gods were actual beings? Giants and titans that lived with the people? The people depend on them to help bring the rains, to fertilize the soil, to bless them with fertility and smite the demons alongside them. When they all go, they're helpless. Like children without adults approval. It becomes a story on how they cope.
Do people carry on praying, hoping for them to return, or do they go and find out where the Gods have gone? Or are there those that have given up and choose their own path of living without the aid of their Gods? There are so many different views on this one notion; "The Gods that you have always relied on are gone, what do you do?" and this is something I really would like to explore. Do they fight the demons, or let the demons take over?

Many artists have other comics they’d like to create in the future. Do you have any stories on the back-burner?
OH MAN DO I? Haha!! I'm a terrible person that comes up with stories almost every day, just never the time to get them down on paper. I draw a lot of mini 2-6 page comics that are on my tumblr when I'm not drawing The Wastelands. Mainly they're fan art/videogame related comics just for laughs to let me try illustrating a new style or if I'm able to tell a story using the comic form.
I do however have large comics that I'm ever so slowly working on, that are nowhere near finished for viewing.
Ayden Lamia was a story I uploaded onto MM this time last year. About a witch who ran a teashop but was stealing souls for her master on her after hours. It was something I wanted to do just for the Halloween period. But after writing 40 chapters and only drawing 3, I had to drop it as I was rushing it without a thought.
I also have a sci-fi story that I'm collaborating with a friend about a bounty pirate and the relationship with his spaceship. It's an R rated/yaoi/ m/m story that we're working on for mature readers. Another is a '40s noire detective style murder mystery.
I also have a lot of Wastelands spin-off stories. One involving a Prince and his right hand woman who are first to witness when the Gods disappear. I want to do viewpoints from all sorts of people!
So many ideas, I hope I'll be able to finish them all someday.
Thanks for your time and good luck!

Thank you so much!
I was interviewed by  Jan 5th 2015 with my work on the OFF comic I was doing at the time. Original article here
Centering around the enigmatic Batter in his mission to "purify" the world of monstrous spectres, OFF has made waves as a free download in five different languages. Prepare to experience the surreal horror RPG by MortisGhost in an entirely new way. Artist Gemma Sheldrake, perhaps better known within internet circles as Petitecremehas been commissioned by writer Lynn Gray to produce the OFF Comic, a full-length adaptation of the original game. 
Alongside the player Tuvynia, a personification of Gray, you can now follow the Batter through each Zone panel by panel, faithfully recounting the story that has been accumulating a cult following since 2007. Here is the comic and the game side by side for comparison:
The same scene from OFF as illustrated by Petitecreme.
Screenshot of the Batter and the Judge in OFF.

Petitecreme graciously took the time to give us a greater insight into her work with OFF.
What were your initial thoughts when Lynn Gray approached you with the idea of adapting OFF into a full-length comic?

I originally was in the process of illustrating important story moments into comics for my own personal enjoyment at the time she approached me. She wanted the whole story done and honestly I was amazed and super excited about the prospect of illustrating the whole game's story!

Petitecreme: The Batter and Zacharie with Japhet's body, a scene that has not yet appeared in the OFF comic.
The Batter interacts with the player much more frequently in the comic than the original game. How does Gray's player character, Tuvynia, affect how the story is told? And how does her presence affect the Batter's interactions with Zacharie?

Tuvynia in a nutshell, is Lynn's personal experience and train of thought as she plays through the game (which she then writes into the story). The Batter knows that he is being controlled and as the player, you know you are directing The Batter through the world. We wanted to have a side character that basically is unable to interact with the world but is still able to talk and interact with The Batter.

Zacherie, like many merchants from other games, is able to break the 4th wall. The player is the one who needs the wares, so why bother with the middle man (Batter) when Tuvynia is right there? It's The Batter's job to purify the [game's] world and seeing how Zacharie can get close to Tuvynia, he's pretty wary of him (I personally think it's hilarious).

Petitecreme: Zacharie has an exchange with the Batter and Tuvynia in the OFF comic.
In comics, we're given snapshots linked together to tell the story. Is there a process you go through in choosing the contents of each panel?

The whole story basically goes through each zone/map of the game. Me and Lynn work together to make the characters go from A to B and it's my job to make these scenes as interesting as possible with the limited colour palette I have for each zone. Some panels have to be altered to accommodate the amount of in-game text that is used, while in others I try to create the sense of atmosphere with the backdrops of buildings and locations.
How long do you anticipate the OFF comic to be, once completed?

ons. I honestly couldn't say. At this moment I've finished all of Zone 1 and its taken me the better part of 8 months. There's still so much more to go.

Depictions of the Batter with four eyes are popular among the fandom, but have never been confirmed as canon. How did you and Gray decide on this interpretation?

It was actually my idea when I originally started drawing fanart of OFF because of the black smears baseball players put under their eyes. I thought it was an interesting concept that's widely accepted in the fandom's variations of The Batter.

Lynn and I then both came up with a theory that the "black eyes" are able to see the paranormal activity that goes on in the world. It's how he see's Tuvynia and the spectres and why a lot of the natives are unable to see them. He keeps them closed when talking to the local folk not to creep them out.
Sheldrake's interpretation of the Batter from OFF with four eyes.

Finally, do you see yourself adapting any other video games as comics in the future? Are there any you're particularly interested in being commissioned for?I've already produced a Dark Souls fanbook involving my Chosen Undead on her mission to rekindle the fire and I've done many Devil May Cry fanbooks as well. I'll be doing a DMC4SE book later this year hopefully! I personally would LOVE to do a Bloodborne one, the aesthetics of the game are right up my alley and I'm a huge Souls fan but I sadly can't afford a PS4. Perhaps you'll like to help me get one by buying some of my comics or commissioning me for a project? [laughs]

The OFF Comic can be read on Tapastic or Petitecreme's personal Tumblr. You can also find Sheldrake on TwitterFacebook, and DeviantArt. The OFF Comic updates every first and third Sunday of each month.
Thank you again to Petitecreme for a great interview. Be sure to check out or purchase more of her work in the links provided.
Small little project when a friend on mine commented how much she wanted me and her to be in a girl "Bosozuko" biker gang. Full of cute, pastel ideals but also toughness that we can kick anyone's ass.

 Got prints available at Society6 and Redbubble.

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